Airplane Entertainment

Before taking your next trip, don’t forget to think about entertainment.  What are you going to do on the airplane?  The kids?  Think about movies.

If your flight offers a movie, remember that you are going to have some sort of charge to be able to watch it.  Instead, before you leave home grab a small dvd player with a selection of movies.

Most mobile devices also offer movies that you can watch, download a small selection so that you have what you need before finding out that you do not have service.

Stepping Stone Fun

At your next Birthday party you can do this fun game, and it requires very little set up.

Grab 2 old tshirts, towels, or other scrap cloth that you might have lying around for each guest.

Set up a start line and a finish line.

Start each guest at the start line.  They then drop a cloth in front of them and step onto it.  Then they drop the second cloth in front and step on it.

Now they have to reach behind them and grab the cloth and drop it in front of them and step onto it.

The process is repeated until the first person makes it to the finish line.

If anyone steps off of their cloth or touches the ground or floor, they sit out the rest of the game.

Shoe Pile!

At your next Birthday Party you can try this fun game that only requires a little room.

Set up a start line and a small distance away, set up a place for the shoes.  Have each player remove their shoes and place in a pile, then step back to the start line.

Take a moment and mix up the shoes really good.

Now with everyone standing a the starting line, give the signal for all players to race to the shoe pile, find their shoes, and put them on properly.

The first one with their shoes on and back to the start line wins.

Freckle Fun

At your next Birthday party try this easy game for a lot of fun.

Before the party, using colorful paper and a hole punch cut out a bunch of holes.  You will want at least 70-100 for each guest.

As you prepare for the game, pair up each guest with a partner.  One will become the paster, the other will be the pastee.  Place a bowl of water in front of the paster and drop in a handful of dots into the water.

Set a stop watch for 30 seconds.  Each paster then has to remove the dots from the bowl of water and paste onto their partner’s skin.

When time is called, count how many dots are attached to each partner and make a note.

Begin time again and have the teams switch sides with a fresh round of dots.

The paster that had the most number of dot’s stick wins!


Easy Party Treats

At your next party, set up a snack table so that kids can grab what they need in-between games to stay energized and hydrated.

You can  use cups or bags and fill with Popcorn, Nuts, Granola or other such treats that are easy to eat with out utensils.

Also set up a drink station with Soda Water or Lemon Lime soda and different flavors of Juice so the kids can make up their own different flavors of Soda.

Don’t forget to leave out a page or labels so that each guest can write their name on it and attach to their cup or bag so that they can use it for the rest of the day.

Paper Preservation

You walk into the craft room to wrap a present and you notice that all of your rolled wrap is coming unrolled and the paper is tearing.

This is easy to prevent in the future.  The next time that you use up a roll up wrapping paper, use the empty cardboard tube from gift wrap.  Don’t have any paper that you are going to use up soon?  Grab and empty toilet paper roll or even one from paper towels.

Cut the empty cardboard tube lengthwise from the top to the bottom.  Tightly roll up your wrapping paper and slip the cardboard roll over it, securing the loose edge of the gift wrap into place.

Party Ice

The next time you have a party, have a little fun with your ice.  Buy a package of regular balloons, not water balloons they are too thin.

When you get home, fill the balloons with desired amount of water and place in the freezer for at least 2 days before your party.  Don’t forget to turn them about every half hour for the first couple of hours until they feel firm.

Now when you are ready, place the ice balloons into your bucket and nestle your drinks in-between.  This is a great way to keep your drinks cold and as the ice melts it remains contained in the balloon and prevent messy ice mishaps.

Cranky Candles

If you have problems getting your candles to sit up straight in their holders, here are a few hints.

If the candle is a bit to large for the holder or just won’t stand up straight, bring a large pot of water to boil on your stove top.

Once the water has reached boiling, dip the bottom 2 inches of each candle into the water.

Let it warm up in the water for several minutes.

Pull it out and gently press into the holder. The candle should gently form to the base.

If the candle is not soft enough, simply place the candle end back into the water and wait a few more minutes until the candle is pliable.

If the candle is too small for the holder you can use some double stick foam tape to hold it in place.

Don’t forget to never leave a candle burning unattended.

Christmas Cookie Party

Don’t have time for a full holiday party this year? For a fun holiday get together invite all your friends and neighbors over for a Christmas Cookie exchange.

Count the number of guests that you are inviting, have each guest bring twice that many cookies plus a dozen and one recipe for the cookie for each family that will be attending.

Once everyone gets there, make up a plate of cookies for each family in attendance that has 2 cookies and 1 recipe for each person.

Take the additional dozen and set out for everyone to snack on.

To add a bit more fun, create a contest for the best tasting, most original, etc.  Pick up a bottle of wine or a small gift for the prizes.

The best part is that no one goes home empty handed either because each family has a plate of different cookies to enjoy when they leave!

Stocking a Bar

Stocking a bar doesn’t have to break you. If you have a few of the basics, most everyone will find something that they like.

You can start with the some different kinds of water (sparkling & flavored) and soda. A cola product and a lemon/lime product are wise choices.

Basic beer is good. Check with friends and see what they prefer and pick up some regular and light.

Red and White wine are always welcome, as is Champagne.

For mixed drinks you can pick up bourbon, gin, rum, vodka, tequila and whiskey. Don’t forget basic juices like Orange and Tomato.

Make some home made wine coolers by combining equal parts of wine, fruit juice and a fruit flavored liqueur. Experiment with combinations until you get the sweet taste of success.