Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Termidor for Ants - Revolutionary! - Pest Control in Newcastle

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Termidor is well known for its effectiveness on termites. Nowadays, more and more pest managers are turning to Termidor for ant control.

Michael Parke has been a technician with Proven Pest Control in Newcastle for 5years and has plenty of experience in controlling pest ants in residential premises. Michael is a great Termidor fan having used it for many years to control termites. 

Termidor has changed the way he approaches ant control and he has now adopted it as his lead product for ant control, "Prior to the registration of Termidor for ants, we had to use products that required large volumes of water" said Michael. 'This meant we had to make up a mix in our bulk tank, then drag a hose around the property applying sufficient quantities of product to get a good result. It took a lot of time and was often disruptive to the property owner, on top 01 that, some of the products we had to use were smelly." 

Pest Control NewcastleWhen applying Termidor, Michael only needs to use small volumes. "I just make a mix in a knapsack and then walk around the properly applying the Termidor to mounds, nests and ant trails, and to the edges of structures," Michael says there are considerable time savings with Termidor, adding that, "Termidor is just quicker and more convenient to use, and is a lot less invasive for the client because we don't need hoses. 

The biggest time saving of all is that we don't get call backs because it works so well.

"I put the effectiveness of Termidor down to its' transfer effect' where the ants take the Termidor back to the nest, eliminating the colony.

Michael places a lot of value on the ability of Termidor to control both ants and termites in the Newcastle

Pest Control Newcastle
area. 'Using Termidor means that we can carry one less product on the back of the truck, that’s really convenient for us, saves us money and simplifies our operation. "Termidor is a product we can rely on, not only did it revolutionize termite control, but it has also revolutionized ant control?

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