Thursday, March 10, 2016

Preventing Insects and Pests in Newcastle

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So even though you did your best to keep pests out of the home, they have somehow made their way in but how should you deal with them? Booking a pest control service in Newcastle is a great start, in the meantime, wwe have a list of the most common pests and how to get them out of your home once and for all!

Ants - Ants are among the most common to get into the home and although the hot water trickdoes work, it is only a temporary fix for a larger problem. The most effective way to remove an ant infestation is to sprinkle boric acid or powder around all the entrances to your home as the ants will feed on them and die. You should also dust affected inside surfaces with a concoction of boric acid and an equal amount of flour or sugar. To keep ants away, you should clean surfaces and floors as well as taking trash out daily as ants will feed on anything and everything.

Bees and Wasps - Bees and wasps are perhaps the most dangerous in this list and should be treated with caution. At first, they will be attracted to your home via sugary foods in the trash and will nest near buildings or in bushes. There are now products available to kill nests when sprayed at night time but nests should not be moved unless it is a potential threat. Once sprayed, make sure a professional comes out to remove the nest efficiently and effectively.

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Pest Control NewcastleCockroaches - Cockroaches are known for hiding in spots that are warm and humid and are rather good at it. To start, a good first step is to seal any openings around pipes with duct tape. The key to removing cockroaches is to practice good sanitation as they feed on pet food, crumbs and even wax; if there is nothing for them to eat, they have no reason to hang around. If you are struggling to remove roaches, you can now purchase baitballs.

Pest Control NewcastleFleas and Ticks - These are common with pets and their owners especially in the summer and can become a huge problem if not treated correctly. With fleas, the best way to keep them at bay is to wash your pet (and their bedding) regularly and comb them carefully. 

You should also vacuum all carpets and furniture remembering to dispose of the waste efficiently as eggs can sit in the vacuum starting the process all over again. If the situation gets beyond your control, you should contact your vet and possibly a professional pest removal service.

Ticks can be dangerous as they can carry Lyme disease so as a result, need to be removed as soon as possible after being spotted. The best way to remove them from a pet is by using tweezers, it is important the the whole tick is removed. If you are struggling to remove the tick, make a visit to the vet.

Mosquitoes and Flies - Mosquitos breed in standing water so this is the source that needs to be removed; all empty cans and bottles should be disposed of, gutters should be cleared and pools drained. Cutting grass and weeds is also important.

Pest Control NewcastleHouseflies are extremely common and affect thousands of people each and every year in the hot summer months. It is important to seal all trash bags, bins, and litter as this will cut off their supply. Make sure that you are closing all doors that are close to trash cans as leaving them open is practically inviting them into your home. To remove, you can immobilise them with a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water; once they have fallen, you can then remove them from the house! 


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