Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Possums in Wyong - Pest Control Wyong

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The possum is an Australian native marsupial. It is a protected species and cannot be trapped or eradicated without a licence in Wyong.

Whilst possums are one of our best-loved creatures, in the city they can cause extensive damage to ceilings and electrical wiring. They can also be very annoying, running over roofs at night and destroying gardens and other vegetation, Peter Sheild (part of Proven Pest Control Wyong) is well known for providing sensitive solutions to urban possum problems."For many of us sharing our property with a possum is a fact of life. These animals can cause damage in roofs and gardens, but they are also protected, so they must be dealt with sensitively." said Mr Shield.

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 In their natural environment possums sleep in tree hollows, but because there are very few natural harborages in suburban areas, they invade the ceilings or homes, and may cause considerable damage to ceilings and electrical wiring.

Treatment involves blocking entry points, which may require a number of visits to complete. One-way exits or cages are then placed in the roof and serviced regularly until the ceiling is clear of possums. Caged possums are released on site in accordance with the conditions of our wildlife control licence, recognising that possums do not survive relocation.

“Often we are asked to quote on a possum problem in a building with an open sub-floor. People rarely believe that possums can access a ceiling space via a sub-floor. However, from experience, we know that in most structures this is possible, especially in the Wyong area. 

If possums are currently using roof entries and these are blocked, they will soon find their way in via the sub-floor. Before rectifying the possum problem we advise that sub-floors be possum proofed first. A Full-grown brushtail possum only needs a gap the size of a tennis ball to squeeze through,' added Mr Shield
Pest Control WyongBlocking should be robust, and long lasting strong mesh must be used. Chicken wire is not sufficient and it is important to ensure good sub-floor ventilation is maintained. We suggest clients consult a professional builder or carpenter to ensure the work carried out will be of suitable strength. Possums can be very persistent and will try and burrow under, and eat through your sub-floor blocking. It is Imperative that the work carried out to sub-floors be strong enough to halt the possums at this level.

 'Possum boxes are also an option to encourage possums not to nest in roofs. Boxes are usually secured to nearby trees and at a height that keeps them out of reach of domestic cats and dogs. As well as providing an alternative home, possum boxes mean that they can still live in surroundings they are familiar with," concluded Mr Shield. 

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