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Cockroaches - A Selection of Gels

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Cockroaches - A Selection of Gels

Advion provides a thorough knockdown

Indoxacarb, the active ingredient in Advion, targets cockroaches' metabolic activation processes, effectively controlling target cockroach species within the gosford area and distinguishing them from non-target insects. Non-repellent cockroach gels such as Advion work by attracting cockroaches to feed on them.

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The gel is placed where the cockroach will come into contact with the insecticide in the gel matrix. Advion possesses a delayed toxicant with non-repellent chemistry, so cockroaches that have consumed Advion will carry it back to harborage areas, and via their natural behaviour to preen and groom, share it with other cockroaches. This delayed mortality results in significant reductions of large cockroach infestations.

Arilon Insecticide is recommended to assist and speed up the control of the colony in these early stages of treatment. Importantly. Arilon possesses the same toxicant as Advion allowing for faster colony control.

Advion combines convenience and ease
Advion can be applied indoors and outdoors, and is ideal for use in commercial premises and residential properties. Advion also makes inventory management easy for pest managers by providing a single product that is both fast acting and effective on a wide variety of cockroach species. 

Even with less bait, studies have shown that Advion provides better control of cockroaches than other cockroach bait products. In addition, Advion recently received HACCP certification enabling its use in food handling facilities.

Greater control with less bait: German cockroach field trial — USA
  • Apply Advion either as a single treatment or adjacent to a non-repellent (e.g. Arilon Insecticide) sprayed zone to increase traffic in the barrier treated area
  • Apply cockroach gel as spots (approximately 0.5 rum diameter)
  • Spraying with Arilon is recommended with Advion Cockroach Gel when large populations of cockroaches exist for speedier control.
  • Place gel spots wherever cockroaches harbor

Maxforce Complete controls large cockroaches and ants
Maxforce Complete is registered to control large cockroaches as well as ants. Maxforce Complete is a food bait attractive to large cockroaches, as well as protein and fats and oil feeding ants to give the professional pest manager everything they need to control these difficult pests. 

Pest Control GosfordThe new bait is a unique mixture of food ingredients that covers the full spectrum of feeding preferences. The bait granules are also in a wide range of sizes that will suit the smallest ant species through to the largest, including large cockroaches. 

Paul Conradt, national sales manager at Bayer Environmental Science said. The idea of using a solid granule to treat a liquid feeding insect is an important concept to grasp. The solid granules are carried by foraging workers back into the colony and are fed to larvae in the nest. The larvae turn this solid granule into a liquid food which is then fed to colony members including the queens. This brings about a total collapse of the colony providing far superior control to conventional treatment techniques: 

Maxforce Complete is a granule bait, and complements Bayer's gel range of cockroach baits, Maxaarce Original, Maxforce White and Maxforce Goad.

Cockroaches wont escape


For fast and effective knockdown of cockroaches and a wide range of other insects, pest managers can't go past Imperator," said Romain Broch, sales and marketing manager with Liphatec in Australia. 

Imperator is a ready-to-use smoke generator that releases very fine particles for maximum penetration into cracks and crevices. When using imperator it means that insects have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide," said Mr. Broch.

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