Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cockroach crawls into sleeping man's ear

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Pest control company Proven Pest Control in Woy Woy is warning Australians of the health risks associated with pest infestations, after a 2cm cockroach was removed from the ear of a Woy Woy man.

 The cockroach entered the man's ear while he was asleep and caused severe pain until it was removed by forceps at the Hospital. It is thought to be the largest insect found living in someone's ear.

Pest Control CockroachIt is not uncommon for bugs such as cockroaches to crawl into a person's ear while they're asleep. They are a nocturnal pest who prefer warm, moist places and will search for food during the night," said Michael Stevenson, pest technical manager at Proven Pest Control. 'Cockroaches can pose serious health risks. 

They can spread 33 different kinds of bacteria, six parasitic worms and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens. 

They are a common cause of food poisoning, and can also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks — especially in children.

Here are some tips that may help prevent a serious cockroach infestation:

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight
  • Keep all food in the refrigerator or in containers
  • Regularly remove garbage from your home, especially your kitchen Inspect deliveries of food and other consumables before taking inside Install tight fitting fly screens and draft excluders on door bottoms to seal tip gaps
  • Keep pet food stored in airtight containers where possible
  • Regularly clean and maintain bird aviaries and other animal cages
  • Clean out gutters regularly and repair leaking taps
  • Don't let water pool in areas close to the home Keep lawns cut short and gardens maintained
  • Book a yearly pest inspection with a reputable pest controller 

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